This is Sarajevo Calling.

A podcast of Southeast European affairs and contemporary Western Balkan politics, hosted by Aleksandar Brezar and Jasmin Mujanović. New episodes every two weeks.

Our Episodes

Fifty Shades of Tulumbe

It's Episode 28 of Sarajevo Calling, wherein Aleksandar and Jasmin discuss Balkan cuisine. Sogan dolma, klepe, ajvar, njeguški pršut, tulumbe, baklava; it's our most sensual and syrupiest episode yet. It'll make you light up a cigarette and maybe make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

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The Flying Rasim

This week the boys discuss the apparent landmark elections deal in the city of Mostar, the bizarre campaign trail antics of Serbia's Deputy PM, the (re)arrest of war criminal Fikret Abdić, and - at long last! - the return of TANK TALK. All this...

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Berry, Berry Corrupt

Slovenia's illiberal PM is posting bizarre conspiracy theories and attacking journalists on Twitter, while Bosnia's entity governments are embroiled in raspberry and tent-related corruption scandals. It's been a weird few weeks in Balkan politics, and Sarajevo Calling is back to make (try to) sense...

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Sarajevo as Philosophical Absolute

Aleksandar and Jasmin discuss: Sarajevo - the place, the myth, the spite, and the spirit. An intimate, personal dialogue on what Sarajevo means to the guys, its "parallel universes", and the city as "philosophical absolute".

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Hearing is Beliebing w/ Florian Bieber

The boys sit down and chat with the renowned scholar Florian Bieber of the University of Graz about the origins of his academic career studying the Western Balkans, the rise of authoritarianism and illiberalism in the region, and the future of European enlargement. And...

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Kosovo’s Constitutional Kerfuffle

The boys discuss the ongoing political drama in Kosovo between (Acting) Prime Minister Albin Kurti and President Hashim Thaçi, and their respective supporters. Why did Kurti's government fall and what has been the role of the international community in these events, in particular as...

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